1946 - Alfred Drake and Janet Blair on the sheet music of “Love os a Merry Go Round” - from the movie “Tars and  Spars”

1909 -  sheet music by Charles L. Johnson  ; a piano rag

"The Kissing Bug" -[pretty girl art cover]

1907_ (sheet music art)  "Lemons",   (A RAG)

Harry Richman (Band Leader) Sheet Music 1939  ”TO YOU”

1953 - movie - sheetmusic_ ‘Easy To Love’  by COLE PORTER

MOVIE MUSIC “Easy To Love” starring Esther Williams

1952_”Here in my Heart”  sheet music

1928 (roaring twenties) advertisement for sheet music, Player Rolls, and Records.

1913 - Automobile History art  - sheet music with AL JOLSON picture

"He’d have to Get Under - Get Out and Get Under…to fix up his automobile"

1901 sheet music of GERTIE GILSON’S latest success - 50.000 SOLD

"Everybody has a Whistle Like Me", Black Heritage sheet music

Black History - Black ART

1950 ‘Mona Lisa’ a hit song eventually recorded by Nat King Cole

cover has Alan Ladd, Wanda Hendrix from the movie “Captain Carey USA”