1954 Marilyn Monroe sheet music

from “River of No Return” - the song “Down In the Meadow”

Sheet Music Art 1921: “Ain’t You Coming Out Malinda?”

1945 - Rita Hayworth sheet music

"Anywhere" frm the movie "Tonight and Every Night” 1945

1944_ David Rose’s Holiday for Strings

"Tenderly"  1953 Joan Crawford sheet music cover

sang in the movie “Torch Song”

1947 Sheet music with Jujne Allyson and Peter Lawford pictured.

from  the MGM Movie  ”GOOD NEWS”

from the ROARING 20S

"Old Virginia Moon", 1924 sheet music

Sheet Music : “I Hate to Lose You” from WWI (1918) - 1918 fashion Art

1946 - Alfred Drake and Janet Blair on the sheet music of “Love os a Merry Go Round” - from the movie “Tars and  Spars”

1909 -  sheet music by Charles L. Johnson  ; a piano rag

"The Kissing Bug" -[pretty girl art cover]