1945_ ” Honey”, a song from ‘Her Highness and the Bellboy’ 

starring Robert Walker, June Allyson, Hedy Lamarr

1912 - Train / Locomotive Art - Sheet Music

'When that midnight choo, choo leaves for Alabam', by Irving Berlin - sung on the vaudeville stage by ‘APOLLO’. 

1943 country / Western song sung by Jimmy Wakeley: 

"They Took The Stars Out of Heaven"

1903 - Black heritage sheet music_  ’Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?”

sung with great success by Claude Thardo

1953  ”I’m Walking Behind You”

1950 , Stuart Hamblin’s “Remember Me, I;m The One Who Loves You”

More Than You Know:  Jo Stafford, 1946 sheet music

”Chula Chihuahua” Joan Bennett, George Raft

from the 1940 movie “The House Across The Bay”

Flapper / Roaring 20s Sheet Music “If I Had a Girl Like You”

Rudy Vallee song 1930

1912,  If A Rooster can Love